One Week

I wasn’t going to have anything to show for it because, I don’t bruise

It’s been one week since I fell down the stairs

Scared the crap out of myself and

Got my first BAD bruise

I was going for Barenaked Ladies there, but I am no song writer. Last week I was finishing up the townhouse I clean on Sundays and I feel down the stairs. I went down hard and slid down 5 stairs. I knew I hurt myself; my back, my hip, my shoulder, my arm and my hand all on the right side.

I got up and went to my bosses house and dropped off the supplies and sheets that needed to be cleaned. By the time I got to her house I was SO sore. I knew I was hurt but I assumed that I wasn’t going to have anything to show for it because, I don’t bruise.

So when I got home and I told my husband what had happened he examined me and for all my pain this is all I had to show

… super annoyed.

My inability to properly bruise has always made me feel dramatic because I have nothing to show for my pain.

The next day I woke up and I was SUPER SORE. I get out of bed slowly and my husband says… oh your leg!!

The sheer joy I felt for having proof that my pain was real!! Not that Matt doubted me, but I’ve been before.

Over the next few days I loved watching my bruise change AND also get better because the pain slowly went away

It got worse before it got better.

And Sunday, one week later, my leg feels completely better

All of my other injuries have healed as well, except my shoulder. I’m going to have to go see a doctor for that.

But I’m very excited that I finally have proof of my pain!

Author: bonniemalicki

I am a re-married mom of 3 kids, 2 cats and 5 rats!! I have started an art business with my mom, I am a part time dog and baby sitter. My husband and I just bought a house and we are figuring out homeownership, marriage and parenting a baby (again for me... it's been awhile) together. This blog is just for fun to talk about our journey; the trials and tribulations of everything we have going on!

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