My daughter is joining the circus

Just kidding…. I wouldn’t be ok with that until she is older

My daughter is taking Lyra classes, it’s kind of like a hula hoop that hangs from the sky. Think The Greatest Showman “Rewrite The Stars”.

This is her first year taking classes and she is FANTASTIC! Obviously, I say this as a proud mama but also

Look At This Skill!!

My daughter is obviously flexible, but she is also super strong. She doesn’t look like it because she is so skinny, but this girl has strength!

She also excels at anything athletic, a skill she got from her dad. I was flexible when I was skinny, but I was terrible at sports outside of gymnastics. This girl is good at anything, she just picks it up.

If you have a child like her and you are looking for something new and fun, check your local area for Lyra or aerial classes. You will not regret it!!

She made up the choreography
The beginning of her choreography

What activities do you have your kids in?? Or what activities did you do when you were younger?

Author: bonniemalicki

I am a re-married mom of 3 kids, 2 cats and 5 rats!! I have started an art business with my mom, I am a part time dog and baby sitter. My husband and I just bought a house and we are figuring out homeownership, marriage and parenting a baby (again for me... it's been awhile) together. This blog is just for fun to talk about our journey; the trials and tribulations of everything we have going on!

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